Location: Youth Cultural Center Palach, Croatia
Date: 4. – 6. 9.2019
Web: Drugo more web

All photos provided by Drugo more

In the framework of Žiroskop project, the third edition of AND Fair  Abandon Normal Devices will take place on September 6th and 7th, at Youth Cultural Centre Palach and Kružna Street. Visitors of former editions will know that they can expect an event which gathers unusual devices and hacked everyday household objects.

The idea of the Fair is to explore new and challenge conventional views of technology, as well as to encourage visitors to develop a way of thinking that involves abandoning user manuals and adjusting devices to their own needs and interests. Through interactive installations, workshops and audio-visual performances, the Fair offers a great chance to get insight into the fascinating imagination of our fellow citizens, neighbours near and far, who hack the devices from everyday household and transform them into wondrous objects that fascinate us, make us laugh and open up some new perspectives on their use.

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