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multi-channel sound installation5 – 29 May 2022Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova+ MSUM hosts the work Vitreous Sky, which belongs to the program of the Steklenik Gallery The multi-channel sound installation Vitreous Sky by the intermedia artist Marko Batista is a continuation of the artist’s unique artistic reflection and exploration of modern post-fact society in relation to technological progress,…


Authors: Jan Turk & Marko BatistaSound research on isolated acoustic environments HIDDEN STATES OF MATTER The multimedia installation or audio-visual concerts/performances are based on electro-acoustic compositions where visual process and sound implementation rises within the ‘site-specific’ acoustic space of the wild natural cave. It brings the audience unique experience of isolated spaces and exploration of…


Location: Youth Cultural Center Palach, CroatiaDate: 4. – 6. 9.2019Web: Drugo more web In the framework of Žiroskop project, the third edition of AND Fair – Abandon Normal Devices will take place on September 6th and 7th, at Youth Cultural Centre Palach and Kružna Street. Visitors of former editions will know that they can expect an event which gathers unusual devices and…

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